Truck Driver Ends Up in the Hospital After Robbed and Hit by Car

Tulsa, OK – A semi-truck driver is recovering today after being struck by a car while attempting to thwart a robbery.

According to the Tulsa Police Department (TPD), the incident occurred on Wednesday near 61st and Garnett in Tulsa.

TPD says a truck driver was inside a nearby store when he noticed a car parked alongside his truck.


A witness to the scene told a local news outlet that the driver of the vehicle, a male, was climbing through the driver’s side window of the semi-truck.

The witness indicated the robber was trying to steal tools.

The robber then returned to his vehicle as the semi-truck driver ran in front of the car to block it from getting away.

That’s when the robber floored the gas and struck the semi-truck driver.


TPD said the victim jumped and turned as he was struck, causing him to go crashing through the robber’s windshield.

The semi-truck driver landed in the lap of a female passenger.

TPD said the passenger was intoxicated and could barely walk.

The robber then hastily exited the car and fled the scene on foot into a nearby field, investigators said.

The suspect remains at-large.


As for the semi-truck driver, he was transported to a nearby hospital, along with the passenger.

Both were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

TPD is asking for anyone with information about the suspect to please come forward.



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