Truck Driver Mysteriously Goes Missing On His Way To Check Work Schedule

Barnesville, Georgia – Police in Georgia are investigating why a truck driver went missing Friday night.

According to the Lamar County Sheriff’s office 46-year-old trucker Roderick Crawford left his home in Barnesville, GA, Friday night to make the short 4-mile drive to the Craft Flower Mill in order check his work schedule. Roderick works for J&M Tank Lines based in Birmingham, Alabama.

However, Crawford never made it home and investigators are searching for clues that might lead them to what happened in this case. Fox 5 Atlanta is reporting Crawford’s phone was located 15 miles south of his home in Upson County approximately 30 minutes after he left that evening, but was de-activeated later that same night. Crawford’s family members say it is out of character for him to not call or reach out to them.


Then, on Tuesday came another break in this mysterious case. Crawford’s SUV was found abandoned in Clayton County approximately 40 miles north of his home. Lamar County Sheriff, Brad White tells Fox 5, “There’s a lot of red flags in this case.”

Sheriff White says investigators are processing the SUV for any evidence they might be able to secure. Crawford’s family members are asking anyone who can help to contact the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department.

This is a developing story and Transportation Nation Network will continue to bring you the latest information.


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