Truck Driver Shot To Death During Fight Along I-65

Nashville, Tennessee – A truck driver was shot and killed on Friday night along I-65 South in Nashville during a road rage confrontation.

Nashville Metro Police (NMP) say 53-year-old truck driver, Christopher Jankowski of Christiana, Tennessee, was shot and killed by motorist, 28-year-old Eric Nichols of Columbia, during a roadside confrontation. The incident was first reported at approximately 5:25 p.m. between Exit 78 and mile marker 77.

After questioning Nichols, NMP officials say Nichols claims the shooting was in self-defense. According to Nichols, Jankowski became enraged at him as he attempted to merge onto the interstate from the Harding Place ramp in his white Ford Fusion sedan during heavy rush hour traffic.


Nichols says the dispute continued while both men were in their vehicles until they each pulled onto the road’s shoulder near exit 78: State Route-255 and Harding Place. The two men then became engaged in an “altercation.”

Nichols then claims things turned deadly when the pistol he was carrying in his waistband fell out and onto the ground as the argument turned physical. That’s when Nichols says Jankowski reached for the weapon and Nichols picked it up and fired one round striking and killing Jankowski.

Police have yet to file any charges at this time, but say the case is still under investigation and charges are still possible. This is a developing story and we will continue to follow it and bring you the latest.



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