Video courtesy of KOCO 5 News/YouTube

Video courtesy of KOCO 5 News/YouTube

Truck Driver Stabbed To Death After His Rig Breaks Down

The family of a truck driver who was murdered last week after his rig broke down in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is searching for answers and issuing a warning to truckers.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Orlando, Florida truck driver, 42-year-old Frankie Washington, was on a run last week and traveling through Oklahoma City when his rig broke down. Sadly, Mr. Washington never made it back home and his family is demanding answers about what led to his untimely death.

What Happened?

According to authorities, Washington’s rig broke down and he notified his employer. The trucking company then made lodging arrangements for Washington in an Oklahoma City hotel while his truck was being serviced.

That evening Washington was found by police near NW 16th and Meridian Ave. having been stabbed numerous times and bleeding out. Police asked Mr. Washington if he knew the man that had stabbed him, and according to officials, he lost consciousness before he could give them an answer.


The truck driver and father of four would later be pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital in an effort to save his life. Now Washington’s family wants to know what happened and why. Melvita Prince, Washington’s sister who lives in Virginia, told KOCO 5 News, “My brother is my world.” She said the family is devastated by the loss. “It’s disheartening because he was a hard working man,” she said.

The Investigation

Investigators say Mr. Washington was found with his phone and wallet and did not appear to have been robbed. So what was the motive for the killing? Prince told, “He wasn’t robbed or anything, because he had all his stuff on him. So, that’s another thing that kind of sparked a question,” she said.

Investigators believe there is one man who may know what happened to Mr. Washington. They have released surveillance footage from a convenience store near where Washington was murdered. Investigators believe the man in the video (see the video report below courtesy of might very well be the last person to have seen Mr. Washington alive and are asking anyone who may recognize this man to call the homicide tip line at 405-297-1200.


Family Issues Warning To Truckers

Prince though is not only searching for answers, but she is upset with the trucking company for making lodging arrangements in what she described as a “high crime area.” Her admonition to truckers who might find themselves in a similar situation is simple,“Get with the company to make sure they are put in an area where they are safe, and they don’t have to worry about someone trying to rob them or put them in harm’s way.”

Getting through the next weeks and months is going to be difficult for the entire family Prince says. “It just breaks my heart that he died alone and they left him out there to suffer,” she lamented.

Transportation Nation Network will update you as the investigation continues. Find more on this story below.

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