Truck Driver Turns Load Into Sweet Potato Mash

Hunterdon County, New Jersey – A truck driver lost control of his rig and overturned making quite a mess along Interstate 78 in Readington Township, NJ, in the early morning hours on Sunday.

According to New Jersey State Police (NJSP), a late model Kenworth tractor-trailer overturned in the center median along eastbound I-78 near milepost 25.6 at approximately 4:21 a.m.

The truck driver, 37-year-old Orneur Arslan of Slingerlands, NY, was hauling dozens of boxes of sweet potatoes which burst open and spilled out into the median.


It took crews a couple of hours to clean up the sweet potato mash.

NJSP chose to have some fun with the whole thing in one of the most creative accident reports we’ve ever seen posted to Facebook by law enforcement.

NJSP wrote,

“If you happen to be driving along Interstate 78 later this year, don’t be too surprised if you see the green, leafy sprouts of budding sweet potato plants in the center median in the area of milepost 25.6 in Readington Township, Hunterdon County.”

NJSP also reminded people not to “get any ideas” about trying make away with any of the sweet potato goodness in the future.

Pointing to the “inherent dangers” of such a decision, NJSP wrote,

“Now don’t get any ideas about harvesting the crop in the center median. Besides the inherent dangers of lingering on the median of an interstate, it’s against the law to be there unless you’re broken down. Interstate 78 is a limited access highway, which means no pedestrians, horses, bicycles, and yes, potato farming.”



Arslan only suffered minor injuries and declined medical attention at the scene.

Investigators have not yet made a determination as to what led to the crash.




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