Truck Driver Under Investigation After Runaway Semi Sparks Gas Station Fire

Draper, UT – A truck driver is under investigation after a semi-truck smashed into numerous vehicles and sparked a fire at a gas station that resulted in two people sustaining injuries.

The fire erupted just after 7:30 a.m. on Monday at the Maverik gas station located near near 14800 South and Minute Man Drive in Draper.

According to Draper Fire Department (DFD) Chief Kevin Holt, the trucker got out of his semi-truck to enter the Maverik convenience store when his truck began to roll down the parking lot.


The semi struck a pickup truck, then a smaller passenger vehicle, pushing both into a nearby gas pump.

Upon impact, both vehicles and the pump erupted into flames.



Local news outlet ABC4 said flames shot as high as 30 feet into the air.

“When we arrived we had an active fire, two cars on fire—a gas pump,” DFD’s Captain Tyson McQuiston said.

McQuiston said the fire could have been much worse had it not been for the quick-thinking of some witnesses.

“Luckily we had some bystanders that hit the emergency fuel shut off, which definitely helped keep that fire under control,” McQuiston said.


McQuiston added that two people were transported to a nearby hospital and treated for burns.

Their injuries are not life-threatening.

According to FOX13, the trucker was interviewed by Utah Highway Patrol and the truck was inspected for a possible brake malfunction.

It is unknown at this time if police plan to cite the driver of the truck.

The incident remains under investigation.



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