Truck Driver Unloading Trailer Suffers “Severe” Injury in Stabbing Attack

Vernal, UT – A Utah man has been arrested after he allegedly viciously stabbed a trucker who was unloading his trailer at a local retail store.

According to the Vernal Police Department (VPD), officers were dispatched to an area behind the local Family Dollar store after receiving reports of an incident with injury.

An investigation at the scene revealed the incident began as a verbal altercation between an unidentified trucker, an employee of Family Dollar, and Vernal resident Virgil Leon Carmickle, age 56.


The driver and the store employee were unloading the trailer as an intoxicated Carmickle approached them.

Officials say Carmickle, who lives in the area behind the store, was upset the semi was blocking the road and threatened to get a knife.

Making good on his threat, Carmickle left the scene and soon returned with two knives — one in each hand — and began swinging them at the trucker.

In a police affidavit obtained by, authorities said the trucker attempted to defend himself by putting up his arms and was deeply sliced by one of the blades.


The trucker was not identified by authorities.

The affidavit states the store employee, who was also not formally identified, captured some of the altercation on his phone, including when the trucker was cut.

Responding officers at the scene described the wound as a “severe laceration.”


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The cuts were so deep, they penetrated the trucker’s arteries and tendons, according to police.

The trucker was transported to a local emergency room, and was then airlifted to a Salt Lake City hospital in attempts to save his hand.


As of publishing, no update has been provided on the trucker’s condition.

Police located a bloodied knife in Carmickle’s back pocket.

Carmickle’s blood alcohol content measured at .268% at the time of his arrest, police say.

He was booked into the Uintah County Jail for Attempted Homicide, Attempted Aggravated Assault, and Intoxication.



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