Truck Driver’s Fuel Delivery Gone Wrong Causes Mess For Motorists

Colorado Springs, Colorado – It’s not the first time this has happened, and it surely will not be the last, but a truck driver has caused quite a mess for a Colorado Springs gas station after he accidentally mixed the lines for diesel and unleaded fuel during a recent delivery.

According to a report from local news outlet, KRDO, a Streamline Petroleum truck driver mistakenly got the hoses crossed during a delivery to a Circle K gas station near US Highway 24 and State Highway 94 on Saturday, May 4, and filled up the wrong tanks.

Motorists who filled their gas tanks with the wrong fuel immediately began reporting the issue to store employees after their vehicles began breaking down, according to the report.


Tierney Emery was one of the impacted motorists. She told KRDO her family stopped in to fill up before heading out on a weekend fishing trip.

The family car didn’t get far, however. “Ten minutes into driving we noticed our car was making some pretty funky noises,” she told KRDO.

The Emery’s took their brand new 2018 Honda Accord to the dealership and were told they had filled up the vehicle with diesel fuel.

She said she called the Circle K to inform them of what happened and the employee said, “We already know, you’re the eighth caller today.”

The same thing happened to Colorado Springs resident Kailey Borata, according to the report.

She said when she called Circle K they were “less than helpful,” but offered this advice.

“They told us that there is a ‘ghetto way’ to fix (the truck),” Borata told KRDO. “That we could let the vehicle run in idle until the gas tank empties. I said I don’t want to fix it the ‘ghetto way’. I want you guys to fix it because this was your mistake. He said well you can contact the fuel company cause this is their fault, not ours.”


So, that’s what she says she did. Streamline, she says, told her to contact Circle K.

Streamline sent three tankers to the gas station on Sunday and they pumped out 16,000 gallons of diesel fuel from the unleaded tank.

KRDO spoke with Vern Winslow who was called upon to help fix the issue. Winslow said the driver’s mistake is an easy one to make.

“You can do it that easily even though everything is color-coded,” he said.

According to Emery, Circle K management called her to assure her the company would pay for the gas that was bought, any fees for towing, rental cars, and costs for repairs.

Emery said repairs to her car could cost as much as $1,500.

Borata says she has also spoken with Circle K management since the incident and a manager apologized to her for an employee telling her to repair her truck “the ghetto way.”

It is believed approximately twenty vehicles have been damaged as a result of the mix up.

Yes, definitely quite a mess.




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