Truck Drivers Rally In D.C. For Better Treatment Of Truckers

Washington, D.C. – Truckers from all across the United States are rallying in Washington, D.C. this weekend in support of what they believe to be common sense safety solutions. The Ten Four D.C. rally, as it is known, was organized by trucking social media group “That’s A Big 10-4” and began on Thursday, October 4 and will finish up today.

Courtesy Malinda Roberts/Facebook

Attendees met with lawmakers and talked with the public about the issues impacting small businesses. Owner operators parked their trucks along the National Mall to bring attention to what they believe are the negative and unsafe effects of the electronic logging devices mandate, the current hours-of-service regulations, lack of available truck parking, and the mistreatment of drivers by shippers and receivers. Organizers want to see the truck driving profession classified as a skilled trade and therefore regulated and respected differently. They view the ELD mandate as an unnecessary intrusion into their businesses and want to see the 14-hour rule rule done away with in order to bring more flexibility to the HOS regulations.

In a show of solidarity, other trucker rights groups such as the United States Transportation Alliance, Black Smoke Matters, the American Trucking Federation, and TruckerNation¬†joined in the rally. In a statement on the organizer’s website, spokesman Brian Brase said,

“This is about public awareness, pride in our trucks, and pride in our industry. We want to enjoy time together, yet inform the public about the ongoing issues plaguing our industry. This is a different approach to raise awareness about the issues.”

Truckers met Wednesday night at the Fredericksburg, Va., fairgrounds and convoyed over to the National Mall on Thursday morning. At the conclusion of the rally the truckers will convoy back to to the Fredericksburg, Va., fairgrounds where many will be supporting a local food bank event and delivering thousands and thousands of pounds of nonperishable food items.

Courtesy of Malinda Roberts/Facebook

Unfortunately for event organizers and attendees, the national mainstream press has been almost completely fixated on the contentious Supreme Court confirmation battle over Brett Kavanaugh and the onslaught of protests by anti-Kavanaugh activists. Otherwise, this event might have been better reported on beyond just a few media outlets in the establishment trucking media.

Video report courtesy of RT America/YouTube.

Featured image courtesy of Chito Peppler/Facebook.


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