Truck Stop Giant Says Diesel is Temporarily Unavailable After ‘Incident’ at Georgia Store

Jackson, GA – A truck stop giant took to social media Wednesday morning to announce temporary and unexpected diesel disruptions at a location in Georgia.

Due to what the company called an “incident … that damaged diesel lines” at the Flying J located at 1125 Bucksnort Road in Jackson, diesel is “temporarily unavailable.”


The location has ten fuel lanes, and the cost of diesel at the time of the incident was $3.759/gallon, according to its website.

Pilot Flying J did not expand on the incident or give an estimated time when diesel would again be available.

The inside of the truck stop remains open and gasoline is still available, Pilot Flying J confirmed.


As an alternative, the company recommends fueling at the Pilot located at 2995 Highway 36 West in Jackson.

The truck stops are approximately one mile apart, though truckers can find both a Love’s Travel Center and a TravelCenters of America a tad closer to the Flying J.

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  1. Someone put gasoline in the diesel holding tank. There really isn’t anything else I can think of that would damage the lines that much. Unless a few pumps got ripped right out of the ground . That would be difficult to do. You might get one maybe even two pumps but these things are built to minimize physical damage so we are right back to wrong hose wrong hole.

    See it turns out that not all holes are meant to have the wrong hose stuffed in them. Because it can create an “incident” .
    Be careful with your hose. You only get one working model per lifetime and that’s if your lucky and weren’t raised by uncaring unfeeling monsters who ultimately not only cut you off but themselves as well.

    Some vengeance takes years of waiting on the lord to gain. One could die waiting but ultimately the vengeance always occurs. It’s inevitable. You simply end up reaping that which you have sewn.

    This truck stop has sewn poison and it is reaping the same measured back to it.

    That’s how it works. That is how things really work. Every single time.

    So much vengeance to observe. So little time to observe it in. I should probably get back to work. Soon.


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