Truck Stop Security Guard Threatens to Shoot Trucker in Viral Video, Investigation Ongoing

UPDATE: Love’s Responds After Security Guard Caught on Video Threatening to Shoot Trucker

Memphis, TN – A Mississippi trucker’s video showing a truck stop security guard threatening him over a parking spot in Memphis on Sunday is causing outrage among many in the trucking community.

Joshua Andrews, 41, of Ripley, MS, pulled into the Love’s Truck Stop located at 3371 Lamar Avenue in Memphis around 9:15 a.m. on Sunday.

He had just driven 11 hours from Toledo, OH, and was planning to take his 10 hour break at the truck stop before picking up his next load at a nearby UPS facility at 8 p.m.


Andrews tells Transportation Nation Network (TNN) he spent about half an hour searching for parking in the back of the truck stop to no avail.

He was about to leave when he noticed the front lot was wide open.

He decided to take his chances and park there.

According to Andrews, he climbed into his sleeper to get some rest and was awakened about two hours later by a security guard.

Andrews describes the conversation as “professional,” as the guard informed him that while they don’t normally allow parking in the front lot, it would be okay in this instance since the back lot was full.

However, the security guard requested he relocate his rig “to the right side of the parking lot and it would be fine,” Andrews recalls.


A trucking veteran of seven years — five of which having owned his own truck — Andrews still considers himself a “rookie,” and told TNN he understands and respects the parking policies put forth by truck stops.

He was grateful to the security guard and quickly moved his truck before returning to the sleeper.

Two more hours passed and Andrews was, once again, awakened by a pounding on his door.

Andrews rolled down his window to a different security guard standing outside his truck and aggressively telling him he needed to move.

As Andrews began explaining he was given permission to park there, he says the security guard quickly became belligerent.

“I don’t give a [f—],” Andrews said he was told by the security guard, later identified in the video as only Officer Holton.


Taken aback by the guard’s abrasiveness, and recalling a recent incident at a TravelCenters of America in Oklahoma City, OK in which a trucker was shot over a parking dispute with a security guard, he grabbed his phone to video the encounter for safety purposes.

“I was going to keep my calm, but I wanted to document it,” Andrews explained to TNN.

The approximately 6-minute video starts with Andrews stepping out of his truck and once again encountering Holton, who was walking back toward him after speaking with another bobtail driver parked beside Andrews.

“You cannot park here!” Holton emphatically tells Andrews around the :55 mark.

“One of your guys says we can park here and you just come over here being irate like you don’t care if we park here or go park somewhere else?”

“That’s my point exactly,” Holton responds.


Andrews can be heard asking for Holton’s supervisor’s name, and again making mention of Holton’s co-worker who advised him to park in that spot.

While Holton provided Andrews with the name of his supervisor, he declined to provide Andrews with a phone number to reach him.

“You ain’t getting it,” Holton says.

“That’s how you treat us truck drivers?” Andrews can be heard asking in the video.

“Exactly,” Holton responds, before also declining to tell Andrews by whom he is employed.

“I’ll talk to the manager in here,” Andrews replies, as he begins walking toward the Love’s.

“Good!” Holton says.

Andrews begins walking toward the Love’s and is accompanied by Holton, as banter between the two continue.


At the video’s 2-minute mark, a portion of Holton’s comment can be heard saying, “…you’re going to get your ass kicked… or shot. Make sure you record that too.”

Andrews, focused on speaking to a manager, told TNN he didn’t hear the “or shot” statement, and asked Holton if he was threatening him in reference to the first part of his statement.

“It’s an imminent promise,” Holton responded, before doubling down and again saying, “Imminent promise.”


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A short conversation with the Love’s manager fills the remainder of the video, and while Andrews admitted to TNN he wasn’t entirely satisfied with the manager’s assurance he would “take care of [Holton],” he went back to his truck to complete his break with the manager’s permission to remain parked in that location.

Andrews uploaded the video to Facebook and quickly received a concerned call from his wife.

“Honey, are you gone (from the truck stop)? He threatened to shoot you!” a concerned Amanda Andrews said to her husband over the phone.


“I was like, ‘What? No he didn’t!'” he told TNN. “I had to go back and watch the video.”

Once he reviewed the video and heard Holton’s statements, he quickly called the manager, Chris, with whom he spoke to in-store.

“I wasn’t aware the security guard threatened to shoot me,” he recalls telling Chris.

Andrews also said he was certain to record the conversation so nothing would be misconstrued later.

According to Andrews, Chris requested him to come back inside with the video.

Click Below to Find Out What Love’s is Saying About the Incident

Andrews refused, telling TNN he wasn’t going to risk another potential run-in with Holton, given what he had just heard during the video play-back.

Instead, he invited Chris to come out to the truck to view the video.

Andrews said Chris declined, and simply asked him to email the video.

The Memphis Police Department (MPD) was called instead.


After visiting with two officers, Andrews said a report was opened and he was told an investigator would be in touch with him in a few hours.

He was advised to save the video and move his truck from the Love’s.

Andrews told TNN he has since yet heard from the MPD investigator.

After being advised by MPD officers to move his truck, Andrews said he used personal conveyance time to relocate to the UPS facility where he was set to pick-up later that evening.

The video has already racked up over 12,000 views and Andrews said he has been bombarded with messages from fellow truckers and people who are appalled at what they saw.


Many, Andrews says, are offering advice on what to do.

“I plan to press everything to the fullest extent,” Andrews assures, stating a truck stop should be a safe haven for all drivers.

WATCH the video below.



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  1. Mixed feelings about the whole deal,with that being said,,,Am not too light hearted on being threatened,with security saying,gonna end up being whooped on or shot,he just kinda threw all the rules out the window and consider himself lucky the driver wasn’t having(a apparently bad day as himself) by taking things into his own hands,and when no rules are applied,it can get pretty ugly and outta hand real quick! If the security guard cannot conduct himself in a more professional manner(person to person)maybe he should go work on a assembly line away from others!Just saying!

  2. Looks big breasted wanna be cop who the white boy should of beat his azz cause looks like big breasted black boy coulndnt fight anyway ain’t got no gi or didn’t get his boyfriend to give him sum if ya know what I mean ,treating white folk like that hahahahahaha

  3. The security guard could have been a lot more professional but the driver is in the wrong he was parked illegally loves should just correct the security guard on how to deescalate the problem in my opinion, the trucker caused this whole issue.

    1. You sir, are an imbecile. First of all, it’s private property, so there isn’t any parking LAW to enfore there. 2nd, he had permission. Third, the fact that Love’s would even hire somebody and allow them to behave that way without immediate corrective action being taken is abusive in and of itself. One more reason I’ll be passing the pumps and overpriced crap at Love’s. What a loser.
      Are you that security guards boyfriend? Must be..

    As corrected by the store manager and the other security guy….”Drivers HAD permission to park there that day”…..Therefore the threatening illiterate security guard should have apologized for his actions….I would fuld a complaint and a lawsuit for threatening me….and the trigger happy guard should be fired and his gun rights removed…..He is too anxious……US DRIVERS DO NOT GET THE RESPECT WE DESERVE FROM OTHER DRIVERS AND OTHERS…..WE ARE THE ONES THAT MAKE THE WORLD TURN….LAWSUIT….


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