Trucker Accused of Beating Tanker Driver With a Pipe Claims “He Swung On Me!”

Tremonton, UT – A trucker who was arrested last week after allegedly attacking a fuel tanker driver with a sharp-edged pipe during a dispute over parking is claiming self-defense.

The incident happened between Danny Jerome Johnson, 35, and an unidentified fuel tanker driver at the Golden Spike Travel Plaza on Thursday, January 21.


An arrest affidavit revealed the victim sustained multiple cut wounds and abrasions to his head, neck and left hand when Johnson attacked him.

Johnson fled the scene and began traveling westbound on Interstate 84.

He was pursued by authorities and apprehended a short time later.

Investigators said Johnson initially denied having stopped at the Golden Spike Travel Plaza but later admitted his involvement.

He was arrested and booked on suspicion of third-degree felony aggravated assault.

Johnson was later released after posting bail.

Read more about the initial incident HERE.

However, on Monday, Johnson told his side of the story to officials via email.


According to the Standard-Examiner, Johnson said the other driver “aggressively demanded” he move his truck so the tanker driver could fill the tanks at the travel plaza.

Johnson claimed he and the victim argued about whose truck should be moved.

Then, according to Johnson, the tanker driver pulled his truck “up against” the front of Johnson’s semi.


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The tanker driver then exited his truck and beat on the door of Johnson’s truck, he said.

That action prompted Johnson to grab a pipe in self-defense, he wrote in the email.

According to Johnson, he told the tanker driver to move his truck away, which would allow Johnson to move his semi.


Johnson claimed the tanker driver approached him as Johnson warned him not to come any closer.

“He swung on me and that’s when I swung on him with the pipe in my hand,” Johnson asserted.

Johnson said there were no other witnesses to the altercation.

However, he said the two men ceased fighting on their own accord, and that is when Johnson left the travel center.

As of publishing, no formal charges have been filed.



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