Trucker and His Dog Get Out Just in Time Before Flames Engulf Semi

Casco Township, MI – A trucker was fortunately able to get him and his dog out of harm’s way this morning after his big rig burst into flames at a rest area along Interstate 196 in Casco Township.

According to South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES), crews were called to the scene of a blazing big rig at approximately 7:45 a.m. on Thursday.


“The driver said he had just pulled into the Rest Area while enroute to Holland when flames appeared in the engine area,” SHAES said in a Facebook post. “The driver and his dog escaped injury.”

The big rig however, wasn’t so lucky.

SHAES said the inferno “destroyed” the truck.


Nonetheless, we are glad the driver and his pup are unharmed.


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