Trucker Arrested After Admitting Firing Two Warning Shots At Another Trucker

Rainier, Oregon – Oregon State Police (OSP) said they responded to a complaint regarding a trucker on Wednesday afternoon. The reporting party claimed to have heard gunshots coming from a commercial tractor-trailer. In what authorities described as a “high-risk traffic stop,” OSP officers, backed up by the  Columbia County Sheriff and Rainier Police Department, approached the driver of the tractor-trailer. According to an OSP report, authorities conducted a “thorough” search of the vehicle and engaged the driver in a “lengthy” interview.

In an OSP release, authorities said the driver admitted firing two rounds from a 9 mm handgun into the air to scare another driver he had a confrontation with. Officers then discovered a 9 mm handgun in the driver’s possession. The truck driver, who the release did not identify, is being charged with a C felony, unlawful discharge of a firearm, and several other charges. He will be booked at Clatsop County jail.

Photos courtesy of Oregon State Police

If convicted of the class C felony, the truck driver would face up to 5 years in prison and a $125,000 fine under Oregon law. Strangely, the OSP release did not identify where the trucker was at the time of the shooting or what the substance of the confrontation was. Additionally, the release does not state where officers apprehended the truck driver.


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