Trucker Fired After Refusing Load Then Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Rig

Bellevue, Washington – A truck driver was pursued along I-405 and arrested by Washington State Police yesterday after allegedly stealing a semi. According to police, a 24-year-old truck driver was due to pick up a load in Marysville, a city 35 miles north of Seattle, but when he arrived he phoned the trucking company he worked for, TNT Trucking, to voice some concerns. An argument and shouting match ensued. The exact nature of his concerns and the substance of the disagreement is not known at this time.

The driver refused to haul the load and the trucking company official fired him on the spot. The company official instructed the driver to leave the truck and notified him the company would send someone to pick it up. According to police, the driver refused to follow those instructions and instead took off in the rig.

The company alerted authorities and troopers were dispatched to pursue the driver. The company aided in the pursuit by keeping troopers notified of the truck’s whereabouts by GPS. In another tense few moments, troopers briefly stopped traffic on southbound I-405 after they were alerted the driver had a rifle in the cab. However, relatives of the driver were contacted and assured troopers the driver only kept the rifle for protection and would not use it to harm them or anyone else.

The trucker was later arrested without incident. Transportation Nation Network will continue investigating this story and will bring you the latest developments.

Photo courtesy of WSDOT.


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