Trucker Arrested for DUI Says He Knew He Was Unfit to Drive But…

Exeter Township, PA – A Maryland trucker who was arrested for falling asleep at the wheel on Wednesday claimed his supervisor insisted he deliver a load after informing them he had taken sleep medication.

The Exeter Township Police Department (ETPD) reported they were contacted by Berks County 9-1-1 dispatch after receiving a call that a semi-truck was driving recklessly and possibly headed into Exeter Township.

Authorities told the Reading Eagle the 80,000 lb. truck was “weaving on the highway and nearly caused several accidents” and the driver “appeared to be asleep at the wheel.”


According to ETPD, the semi was eventually located on Route 422 in Exeter Township and pulled over.

Police report the driver of the semi “appeared to be having a difficult time pulling the rig over to the shoulder.”

Inside the truck, officers located 39-year-old Brock Claggett of Easton, MD.

Police on-scene said Claggett appeared to be under the influence, spoke with slurred speech, and was falling asleep while speaking with authorities.

Claggett told police he was en route from Baltimore, MD to Pottstown, PA delivering a load.


He also told them had taken 1 1/5 Ambien approximately three hours earlier, as he had been having trouble sleeping.

According to Claggett, he notified his supervisor that he had taken the sleeping pills, but “the supervisor insisted he drive the load to Pottstown immediately.”


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Claggett failed a field sobriety test and authorities claim he fell asleep “several times” attempting to complete the various tests.

ETPD said Claggett was transported to a nearby hospital where he declined a blood test.

He was arrested for driving under the influence.

Photo courtesy Reading Central Court



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