Trucker Attacks Fuel Tanker Driver with Pipe in Truck Stop Parking Dispute

Tremonton, UT – A trucker was arrested on Thursday after allegedly attacking a fuel tanker driver with a sharp-edged pipe during a dispute over parking.

According to a report in the Standard-Examiner, two truckers tussled at the Golden Spike Travel Plaza in Tremonton leading to charges against 35-year-old truck driver Danny Jerome Johnson.


An arrest affidavit indicates a fuel tanker driver sustained multiple cut wounds and abrasions to his head, neck and left hand when Johnson attacked him.

Police said Johnson’s big rig was parked near the fuel island and the tanker driver, who was not identified, asked Johnson to move his rig so he could refill the truck stop’s fuel tanks.

Johnson then allegedly became angry and an argument between the two men ensued.

The victim told police Johnson grabbed a sharp-edged pipe from his truck’s cab and began beating him with it.

Investigators said witnesses urged Johnson to stop before the attacker then retreated to his truck and fled the scene along westbound Interstate 84.


Authorities pursued Johnson and made a stop.

Investigators said Johnson initially denied having stopped in Tremonton at the Golden Spike Travel Plaza.

However, after further questioning Johnson admitted he had indeed stopped there and was involved in an altercation.

Further, when questioned about a cut on his thumb, Johnson told police he sliced it on a sharp edge on his truck’s fuel cap.

Investigators said they did not find a sharp edge on the fuel cap.


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Authorities reported they recovered a sharp-edged pipe, as was described by the victim, in Johnson’s truck.

The weapon also still had blood on it from the attack, police said.


The affidavit also states,  “He [Johnson] claimed that he may have hit the victim with the pipe as the other individual was swinging at him with his elbow.”

Johnson was subsequently taken into custody and booked on suspicion of third-degree felony aggravated assault.

He is being held at Box Elder County Jail in Brigham City.



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