Trucker Blamed For Crash He Wasn’t In After Stopping To Help Victim

Rutherford County, Tennessee – A truck driver says he stopped to help a motorcyclist who was injured in a collision with a pickup truck, and while giving the victim aid, rubberneckers began blaming him for the accident.

According to a new report from the Times-Gazette, truck driver Jeremy Leverette of Shelbyville, TN, said he witnessed a pickup truck swerve in front of a motorcyclist in Rutherford County midday on Friday.

Leverette told the local news outlet that the driver of the pickup truck’s actions caused the wreck.


“I was about 75 feet behind him in my Titan Transport semi,” Leverette said. “He (motorcyclist) had zero way out to be able to avoid hitting him. He hit the driver’s side of the Nissan truck and was thrown what looked like 10 feet in the air and landed on his head. His helmet flew off in mid-air.”

Leverettte said he stopped, parked his semi nearby and went to try to help the victim, but passersby began blaming him for causing the crash.

“I keep getting tagged in videos of people riding by taking pictures and videos of this man laying there and saying the Titan truck hit him,” Leverette said. “If I had hit this man I would have quit my job.”

The victim was stabilized and airlifted to Vanderbilt medical Center.

The investigation is ongoing.




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