Trucker Caught in Tornado Recounts Rescue From ‘Scariest Experience of My Life’

Saraland, AL – A trucker is fortunate to be alive after a tornado flipped a truck he was operating while docking at a warehouse in Alabama on Monday.

Tornados and heavy rain ravaged Alabama’s Gulf Coast as Hurricane Ida made its way inland earlier this week.


The National Weather Service confirmed an EF1 tornado with winds up to 86 MPH touched down around noon in Mobile County.

Three injuries were reported… one of which was a trucker.

In the parking lot of China Doll/Dixie Lily Foods, located at 100 Jacintoport Blvd. in Saraland, LeFrazier Stallworth was backing his truck into a dock as the tornado ripped through the area.

“I heard the wind whistling through,” Stallworth recalled. “It lifted the tractor up a couple times and set it down, and the third time it picked it up and turned the trailer over and the wind started blowing the trailer through the parking lot… blowing the whole truck and everything through the parking lot.”


The truck was thrown onto the driver’s side and Stallworth — who was secured with his seatbelt — stayed in the driver’s seat as his truck was pulled across the parking lot.

Understandably, Stallworth called it the “scariest experience of my life.”

Will Parker, Vice President of China Doll/Dixie Lily Foods, told local outlet WKRG he and co-worker Terry Hubbard rushed outside as soon as they realized the driver was still in the truck.

“It was extremely loud. The roof ripping off [the building], the truck fell over, metal everywhere,” Parker said.

Both Parker and Hubbard said it was a no-brainer that they would do what they had to do to help the driver, despite the tornado still looming in the area.

“Adrenaline just kicks in and you just do what you have to do and call 9-1-1 and get help here,” Parker recalled.


When the men reached Stallworth, they found him “trapped” inside the truck, which was still on the driver’s side, with Stallworth still buckled in.

Stallworth was treated and released at a local hospital.

Despite initial reports that Stallworth sustained a broken leg, his injuries are all relatively minor: a sprained knee and several scrapes and bruises.

However, he said he’s in no hurry to get back on the road after his near-death experience.

“They said, ‘Stay at home, don’t get out on the road!’ That’s what I’ll be doing… staying at home. God was on my side.”

WATCH the initial news report from WKRG below.

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