Trucker Caught Trafficking Almost 300 Pounds Of Cocaine and Meth In Reefer

Indiana State Police

Vigo County, Indiana – California truck driver Ravninder Kaler, 22, was arrested on charges of possession of narcotics (level II felony) and dealing narcotics (level II felony) after Indiana State Troopers found almost 300 pounds of illegal drugs in the reefer Kaler was hauling.

Indiana State Police noticed ‘suspicious’ signs while talking to Kaler at a weigh station off exit 1 on I-70 along the Indiana- Illinois border around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday. After receiving consent, the officers searched the trailer and found 220 pounds of cocaine and 65 pounds of methamphetamine. The drugs were found inside travel bags and suitcases. The trailer was also loaded with aluminum crates. Kaler was bound for Ohio.

Police offered Kaler a deal to possibly reduce his charges if he would lead police to his destination drop off location in Ohio. Kaler refused. Police call this one of the biggest single drug busts in Indiana state history and estimate the drugs Kaler was delivering have a street value of between an astounding $5-6.5 million.

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