Trucker Charged In I-70 Crash Speaks Out, “God Knows I’m Innocent!”

Denver, Colorado – On Monday, the trucker facing 36 felony charges for his role in the fiery fatal crash along I-70 last month spoke out for the first time since bonding out of jail.

In a Facebook LIVE post with his wife, Nailan Gonzalez, 23-year-old truck driver Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos declared his innocence and offered thanks to his supporters for helping raise $40,000 to have him released from jail last Saturday.

“I’m so grateful to all of you for helping me and my family,” Mederos said. “I don’t know how to pay you all the love and all the support that you’ve given me.”


During the 27-minute video in which Mederos only spoke in Spanish, he strongly maintained his innocence of the 40 charges filed against him.

“God knows that I’m innocent,” Mederos exclaimed. “God is big and God is great!”

Mederos made the video shortly after prosecutors filed a motion to have him tracked by a GPS ankle monitor.

In the motion filed on Monday, prosecutors alleged: “The People’s investigation has revealed that the Defendant attempted to flee the scene of the collision, this was previously unknown at the time of the original bond setting.”

Prosecutors have not offered evidence to support its claim, but will be expected to do so in a hearing on the matter now scheduled for Friday, May 31.


As part of the conditions for Mederos’ release, he must stay in Colorado, not operate a commercial vehicle and surrender his Cuban passport.

Though not addressing the prosecution’s new motion directly, Mederos did reveal his whereabouts.

“I’m here in Colorado, but they are not letting me leave the state,” he said.


In an interview on Tuesday with local news outlet Fox31, Mederos’ attorney, Robert Corry, dismissed the idea of having his client tracked.

“A GPS unit has very limited value in preventing somebody from fleeing a jurisdiction or preventing somebody from not appearing in court because all a person needs to do is simply snip it off with the regular piece of scissors that anybody can get and then the GPS unit is off and the person can flee anyways,” said Corry.

Corry shrugged off suggestions Mederos’ might flee. “There is no chance of him fleeing from justice. He is committed to seeing this through, one way or the other,” Corry emphatically stated.

Further, Corry also said they are spending “every minute of every day” preparing for Mederos’ defense.

WATCH the Fox31 report below courtesy of Fox31/YouTube.


At the beginning of Mederos’ live stream he first offered his condolences to the families who lost loved ones and gave thanks to God that he survived.

“I want to give my condolences to the the families of those that passed away,” he said. “I thank God that He is the one who made a miracle that I’m still alive.”

Gonzalez also offered her condolences, but said the couple understands they have a difficult legal fight ahead.

“He came out of this first part of the battle, but this still continues,” she said.

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(Translation by Daniela Flores-Ahl)




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