Trucker Charged With Attempted First Degree Murder In Truck Stop Shooting

Hampshire, Illinois – The truck driver who was arrested by Kane County law enforcement on Saturday after he allegedly fired multiple shots at a Travel Centers of America truck stop in Hampshire, IL, has now been charged with numerous crimes.

According to Chief Brian Thompson of the Hampshire Police Department, William M. Lutz, 57, of Dayton, Ohio has been charged with Attempted First Degree Murder, two counts of Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm, Aggravated Battery, Armed Violence and Criminal Damage to Property.

Truck driver William Lutz, 57, of Dayton, Ohio has been arrested and charged with Attempted First Degree Murder among other serious charges after a truck stop shooting in Hampshire, IL.

Authorities told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) that an argument ensued between Lutz and another truck driver at the Travel Centers of America (TA) located at 19N741 Highway 20 off of Interstate 90 at approximately 6:50 p.m. and multiple shots were fired.


Authorities said Lutz became angry because he believed the other truck driver, a man from Pennsylvania, was blocking the roadway.

The two drivers then argued before Lutz retreated to his rig and pulled a .45 caliber handgun and fired multiple shots into the driver’s side door of the other truck.

The Pennsylvania truck driver suffered a graze wound on his left buttocks, according to court records.

He was treated at the scene and released, Thompson said.

According to a spokesperson with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, Undersheriff Patrick Gengler, who spoke with TNN on Monday, Lutz fled the scene following the altercation.

Deputies then pursued Lutz, who was driving a USA Truck tractor-trailer, and located him a short time later.

Lutz “pulled off on an off ramp” along Highway 47 off of Interstate 90 approximately 5 miles from where the shooting took place.

Undersheriff Gengler confirmed to TNN that once officials arrived they could not see Lutz inside because he was barricaded in the sleeper of his truck.


“We had to wait for the armored vehicle to get there,” he said.

Once it arrived, authorities deployed the armored vehicle and began to “tap” on the front of the truck to “get the driver’s attention,” Undersheriff Gengler said.

Thankfully, after a short time, “the driver eventually came out and surrendered,” he said.

Authorities said Lutz took as many as 30 pills in a suicide attempt, but it was unsuccessful.

Lutz faces a penalty of six to 30 years in prison if convicted of attempted murder, plus an additional 15 years because a gun was used.

Lutz’s bail amount was set at $750,000 Tuesday.

He must post $75,000 to be released from the Kane County jail while the case is pending.

If Lutz is able to post bond, he may have no contact with the victim and take all prescribed medications, according to court records.

He is next due in court June 20.

TNN will continue to monitor any new developments, so stay logged on to for the latest.




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