Trucker Cited After Biting Camel’s Testicles at Truck Stop

Grosse Tete, LA – Husband and wife truckers were cited for numerous offenses after a woman bit the testicles of a camel at a truck stop in Louisiana last week.

The incident took place at Tiger Truck Stop, which is located at exit 139 on I-10 in Grosse Tete, about fifteen miles west of Baton Rouge.

Caspar the Camel has been a resident of Tiger Truck Stop for about a year.

He moved to the truck stop as a calf (a word also used for “baby camel”) in 2018 after Tony the Tiger passed away the previous year, having lived at the truck stop for 17 years.


The owners of Tiger Truck Stop use the unique animals — including a miniature horse, baby kangaroo and a coati (raccoon-like mammal) — to draw in tourists and entertain truckers who stop at Tiger.

However, a husband and wife trucker team found themselves in a precarious situation last week when their dog ran into Caspar’s cage.

According to the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office (IPSO), the trucking duo was from Florida and stopped at Tiger to let their dog out of the truck for the bit.

The dog, authorities say, began interacting with the camel and soon ran into Casper’s pen.

In an attempt to coax the dog out of the cage, IPSO deputy Louis Hamilton said the husband, who has not been officially identified, began throwing dog treats into the enclosure.

When that didn’t work, the couple crawled inside.


Pamela Bossier, manager of the truck stop, told The Advocate the couple crawled underneath a single strand of barbed wire to enter Casper’s enclosure and began provoking the animal.

Bossier said the man began to shove the camel and used his hat to swat at him multiple times.

Casper naturally became upset, Bossier said.

“Any animal you provoke, they’re going to strike back. It’s instinct,” Bossier said.

Bossier also said the camel was not hurting or attacking the dog in any way.

“I guess he (Casper) thought they were friends,” Bossier surmised.

However, during the course of the interaction with the couple, Casper pinned the woman against a wall.


That’s when, authorities said, she bit his testicles to get him to move.

“She said, ‘I bit his balls to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me,’” Hamilton recalled the woman telling him.

Hamilton said the investigation of the incident revealed the trucking couple were the aggressors, and the camel did nothing wrong.


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According to officials, the couple told them they had stopped at Tiger in the past and had no problems with the camel or any other animals at the truck stop.

In fact, Bossier said in the 30 years the truck stop has had wild animals at the property, there’s never been an attack on a visitor.

Authorities ultimately cited the truckers for criminal trespassing and a leash law violation, as Louisiana state law prohibits people from letting their dogs run free on private property.

Police said they will not hold the truck stop liable for any injuries on the couple, since the camel was enclosed.


Additionally, there are posted signs warning visitors to stay out of animal enclosures, which are posted every 10 feet along the fence.

Watch the below of video of Casper the Camel, taken after the incident.

Bossier is the lady talking in the video.

The animal appears to be back to his normal self, even playfully interacting with visitors.




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