Trucker Comes Under Gunfire Attack Along I-70 in Ohio

Enon, OH – An Ohio trucker was fortunate to escape unharmed after his truck came under a gunfire attack late last night on Interstate 70.

Thirty year trucking veteran Marcus Sommers told Transportation Nation Network (TNN) in his millions of over the road miles he’s seen countless accidents on the roadways.

“It’s always been somebody else’s dad, uncle, mother, child,” he said.

However, late Monday night, it was him.


Sommers is a one-truck operation who pulls a non-hazmat tanker and drives a 2001 green Peterbilt 379.

He was traveling westbound on I-70 near mile marker 47 around 11 p.m. going approximately 70 miles per hour when out of nowhere, he says, he heard a bunch of loud pops.

The next thing he knew, his entire driver’s side window had shattered, and he was covered in glass.

Unsure of what was going on, he said the first thing he did was reach for his gun.

Thankfully, no additional shots were fired and he was able to safely pull off the road and call 9-1-1.

When the dust settled, Sommers was amazed to discover he had no injuries whatsoever — not even a cut.

His truck, however, wasn’t so lucky.


While Sommers, along with law enforcement, is unsure of how many shots were fired, Sommers says in addition to the driver’s side window, there are bullet holes in his windshield and on the side of the truck.

A representative from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) told TNN a preliminary investigation reveals the weapon could have possibly been a BB gun, but haven’t ruled out a high powered pellet gun.

Sommers says based on the damage, he believes the weapon “appears to be a little bigger than a pellet or BB gun.”

So far, he has counted seven bullet holes on his rig, not including the shattered window.

He also theorizes there may be two different weapons involved, based on the looks of the bullet holes.

Reflecting on the situation, Sommers says he and investigators are unsure if the shots came from a passing vehicle or from someone standing on a nearby overpass.


Based on damage, and the more he has replayed the events in his mind, Sommers believes it was a passing vehicle.

“It happened while I was going under the overpass, and the way the bullet holes are, it doesn’t make sense it would be from the overpass,” he explained.

OSHP told TNN it has “no idea” if Sommers was targeted due to his semi-truck.

“I always fly the flag,” Sommers said of the large American flag he proudly displays behind his rig. “Maybe the flag upset them?” he surmised.


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As of publishing, nobody is in custody for the vandalism of Sommers’s truck.

Additionally, OSHP is not “actively searching” for a suspect, though Sommers is working closely with investigators to provide more information from the scene, including his dash cam footage.


More than anything, Sommers is glad to be alive.

“It happened so fast. To think, my wife and family could be making funeral arrangements today instead of me talking about it.”

He tells TNN he appreciated the genuine care and concern local law enforcement showed to him during the entire incident and praised OSHP’s quick and swift action.

Additionally, he gave praise to God as he repeated his mantra: “Get your heart right with God, forgive your enemies, love hard and live life.”

While he says he “certainly” forgives those who did this to him — “I don’t know what they have going on with them. They clearly have issues and this is how they choose to deal with them,” — he says he will absolutely press charges if and when the suspects are identified.

Photos courtesy of Marcus Sommers



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