Trucker Comes Under Gunfire Attack and Ditches Rig on Texas Highway, Police Shoot Gunman

UPDATE @ 11 p.m. CST: The two suspects who stole the semi have been identified as Chase Rountree and Mychele Mendez.*

Benjamin, TX – A trucker came under a gunfire attack on a Texas highway on Thursday morning before the gunman stole his tractor-trailer.

According the the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS), the disturbing incident took place Thursday morning on Highway 82, just west of Benjamin, TX.

Local outlet KTXS was the first to report on the incident.


Following the event, KTXS reported they spoke with the trucker involved, who recounted what happened.

KTXS reported the trucker — who was not identified by the news outlet — was hauling a load to Lubbock.

As he was traveling along Hwy. 82, he says he came upon a red Ford Mustang convertible, partially blocking the roadway.

The trucker said he slowed his big rig, and a white male got out of the car and began firing.


The gunman allegedly shot at multiple vehicles including the big rig during the course of the crime.

The trucker then tried backing up his rig, but says he ultimately exited the vehicle and began running from the scene as quickly as he could.

In an effort to find cover, the truck driver said he jumped onto another commercial motor vehicle — a moving truck operated by Charitable Movers & Packers.

The gunman and an Hispanic female, who was a passenger in the suspect’s car, then allegedly entered the trucker’s semi and drove away.


According to KTXS, a trooper and Knox County Sheriff Hunter Embesi were able to locate the rig and stop it a short time later approximately 8.5 miles from Benjamin.

TxDPS said the gunman then exited the truck and refused to drop the semi-automatic weapon.

When the gunman pointed the weapon at police, officers opened fire striking the suspect.


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TxDPS indicated the gunman suffered serious injuries in the shooting.

He was flown to Lubbock University Medical Center for treatment.


The Hispanic female is currently being held at the Knox County jail.

The suspects were identified on Thursday evening as Chase Rountree and Mychele Mendez.*

Stay with for the latest on this developing story.

Photos courtesy John Rupolo and Scott Martin/KTXS



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  1. Perfect example as to why we truckers should be able to carry firearms for our protection. I know we can if you are able to have a concealed carry permit but every state does not allow you to go through their state with a firearm.

    If you can legally carry in one state it should be legal in all 48 for commercial driver’s.


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