Trucker Comes Under Gunfire Attack Just Off Kansas City Interstate, Big Rig Hit 10 Times

Kansas City, KS – Authorities in Kansas City are seeking the public’s help after a big rig was shot at and struck multiple times on Tuesday.

Local outlet KCTV reported the incident occurred on James Street, just off Interstate 70, at 11:50 a.m.


According to the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD), the tractor-trailer had just exited off I-70 onto James Street.

The truck was then struck “at least ten different times by gunfire.”

At this time, police believe the incident was at random, as there is “no apparent motivation” for the shooting.

A photo of the truck’s passenger side window reveals it was shot out.

Authorities did not specify the extent of the damages to either the tractor or the trailer.

Thankfully, the trucker — whose identity was not made public — was uninjured in the event.

KCPD said investigators are reviewing the truck’s dash cam footage.


Police also noted a preliminary investigation determined the trucker did not appear to do anything to “provoke” the shooter.

The suspected shooter was described as a male with dreadlocks, age unknown, driving a black Saturn VUE SUV.

Authorities did not reveal any further information or description of the suspect.


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In June, police in Memphis also asked for the public’s help following a highway shooting involving an 18-wheeler.

Coincidentally, the suspected vehicle — which was caught on the semi’s dash cam — was also a dark colored Saturn VUE.

A description of the Saturn’s driver was not made available by Memphis police.

Read more about that incident HERE.


KCPD did not indicate if the two incidents were possibly related.

However, authorities are asking for anyone who may have information regarding Tuesday’s shooting to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS / (816) 474-8477.

The recent disturbing rise in violence against truckers persists as a major concern. will continue to track these incidents closely.



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  1. Justa matta time they get the wrong truck– then they’lll be changing their underwear.. Maybe that’s what this SUV looks for, he wants to go out like that. These people are on some bad drugs or that messed up to risk everything like that…


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