Trucker Convoy Shuts Down a U.S.-Canada Border Crossing

Rumors Swirling as Big Rig Blockade at U.S.-Canada Border Continues


Coutts, AB — A crossing at the U.S.-Canada border remains shut down after a convoy led by truckers began a blockade on Saturday.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), a convoy of big rigs continues to block both the northbound and southbound lanes of traffic along Highway 4, south of Lethbridge to the Coutts, AB/Sweetgrass, MT border.


“At this time, no motor vehicles are able to access the border for entry/re-entry,” RCMP advised on Sunday.

The demonstration at the Coutts border first began disrupting traffic on Saturday morning before resulting in a complete blockade, according to RCMP.

In an update provided Sunday evening, RCMP said it was engaged in talks with those blocking the roadway and is using a “measured” approach to resolve it.

“Our goal is to facilitate lawful and peaceful protest. This event is unlawful and we are asking those who are involved to clear the area,” RCMP stated.


Images posted to the AB Coutts Convoy’s Facebook group page show hundreds of big rigs in both directions.

Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney issued a statement on Sunday calling for an end to the blockade warning it could “dangerously impede the movement of emergency service vehicles.”

While the convoy is part of ongoing protests over Canada’s COVID-19-related mandates and restrictions including the country’s cross-border vaccination, testing and quarantining requirements implemented earlier this month, Freedom Convoy organizers — now in Ottawa — have repeatedly asked demonstrators to remain lawful.

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Cover Photo: Jake Zacharias/Facebook


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