Trucker Convoying to D.C. Left ‘Speechless’ By Touching Letter From 11-Year-Old Boy

Adelanto, CA — The People’s Convoy continues making its way across America and is gaining more support by the day.

However, before the historic journey began, trucker and social media influencer Gerald Johnson (a.k.a. “Trucker G”) shared a touching story highlighting what he described as an “outpouring of support” for the cause.


Trucker G and his wife Mary (a.k.a. “Mrs. G”) have gained quite a following within the trucking community, often live streaming their daily trips on social media.

The Johnson’s were on-hand in Adelanto, CA, last week in preparation for departure on the cross-country convoy demanding an end to COVID-19-related mandates and governmental emergency powers.

“The show of support from the people is overwhelming,” Trucker G told Transportation Nation Network (TNN). “I don’t know how many times I’ve teared up.”


In one such example, Trucker G shared a touching note penned by an 11-year-old boy from Idaho which reads:

Dear Trucker, I love the things your [sic] doing. I am just an 11 year old boy and I wish I could do more than just a little note, but keep on trucken [sic] along and you can do this. Love, Holden

P.S. Jesus loves you.

“It left me speechless,” Trucker G recalled.


The note was part of more than one hundred care packages organized by John Padula, of Post Falls, ID.

Padula, a pastor and father of four children, told TNN he was inspired by Freedom Convoy in Canada and wanted to get involved in a similar demonstration in the U.S.

Padula’s wife teaches 3rd grade at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Post Falls and also helped organize the effort to encourage truckers.


Padula said he received permission to talk to students between 3rd and 6th grade about the convoy.

“Half of the kids were weeping,” Padula recounted. “They went to work and they all made several letters.”

The Padula’s, along with many others, began assembling gift packages containing food, water, other essential supplies, and notes from the students.

A group of 16 people then loaded up a truck and drove many hours to deliver the donations.


Padula was intending to drive back to Idaho, but was so inspired by what he experienced he decided to take the long, long way home instead.

“The Lord told me to go on the convoy,” he said. “It’s been absolutely amazing.”

As for Trucker G, he’s truly thankful for those like Padula who have shown so much love and kindness. 

“I’ve had so many people coming up and thanking me,” he commented “I’m not a hero. I just believe in right and wrong.”


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