Trucker Could Face Charges After Allegedly Splattering Motorist With ‘Urine Bomb’

Susanville, CA — A trucker could face charges following a road rage incident that resulted in an open bottle of urine being tossed from a semi into a passenger vehicle.

According to the Susanville division of the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the incident took place on Wednesday, October 27 on State Route 36 in Susanville.


Officials said they received a call of a possible road rage incident from the driver of a SUV.

A tractor-trailer had attempted to move into the left lane and allegedly attempted to force the SUV into opposing traffic, a press release from CHP stated.

The driver of the SUV also claimed the trucker — whose identity was not released — “honked his air horn multiple times and was tailgating the SUV.”

CHP stated both vehicles continued to travel southbound on US 395 until the SUV turned left at the Susanville Airport.


As the SUV was making the turn, the driver alleged the trucker “thew a 24 oz open bottle of urine” towards the vehicle.

The bottle made its way through the open window on the SUV, “spraying urine throughout the SUV,” CHP stated.

At that time, the driver of the SUV — whose identity was also not released — turned the vehicle to follow the tractor-trailer.

A CHP officer was able to locate the 18-wheeler involved in the incident and complete an investigation.


Afterwards, the CHP officer submitted a complaint to be filed with the Lassen County District Attorney’s office against the trucker.

CHP called the “trucker bomb” — urine in a bottle which is subsequently discarded along a roadway — a “disgusting” practice, made “worse” by tossing an open bottle through an open window.


CHP’s post on social media garnered quite a bit of reaction, mostly mixed.

“I’m feeling like the SUV deserved it!” JT Strut wrote. “I know many truck drivers who have horrendous stories of how ‘regular’ traffic treats them. If this truck driver felt the need to ‘bomb’ this SUV I’m willing to bet that they did something to deserve it. Possibly even a violation of traffic law that of course they won’t be cited for now.”


“I’ve been around truckers all my life [and] there’s definitely more to this story,” Megan Miller surmised.

“The trucker, besides being disgusting, needs to hydrate. Looks like they peed Pepsi,” Nick Adam commented.

Dave Devane had a clear plan on what should happen to the driver: “Littering, road rage and assaulting with a Biohazard… should be some serious fines and loss of CDL for 5 years,” he wrote.

See the full post from CHP below.

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