Trucker Dies After Electrocuted On-The-Job

Martin County, Texas – A trucker was killed by electrocution near the community of Knott, Texas last month as he was picking up oil from a tank battery.

Daniel Wood, 45, was driving around the site on May 31 when his big rig struck and damaged an electrical box that was above ground.

As Wood stepped out of the truck, he was fatally electrocuted.


Sheriff Brad Ingram told CBS7 that first responders had to wait for the electric current to be shut off in the area before providing help to Wood, who was believed to have died before responders arrived.

“We had a helicopter fly over and hover as close as they could, and they could see that there was no breathing going on,” Ingram said. “So they were pretty sure that the victim was deceased.”

According to the accident report, CrownQuest Operating owns the oil lease where the incident took place.

In a statement to CBS7, CrownQuest commented the following:

“Representatives have met with family members, and we continue to express our sympathy and prayers for the family in their time of grief. Because the incident is still under investigation by authorities, and because the family has hired lawyers, we should not comment further at this time.”

Wood was an independent contractor from Utah.


“Our hearts are broken and we’re still in a state of shock,” Wood’s friend, Kristina Abrams-Shuput, wrote in a Facebook post dated June 3.

“[Wood] was second to none when it came to how hard he worked on the road for his family,” the post continued. “Daniel wasn’t just a great friend of all of ours, he was a part of our trucking family.”

Wood leaves behind a wife, Holly, and daughters Breanna and Tasci.

The Sheriff’s office has completed its investigation and found no evidence of foul play or criminal activity.




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