Trucker “Extremely Fortunate” After Getting Quite a Scare From Turkey

Remington, IN – Indiana authorities say a trucker was “extremely fortunate” to escape injury on Friday morning after a wild turkey flew into the path of his big rig along Interstate 65.

According to Sgt. Glen Fifield with the Indiana State Police (ISP) – Lowell Post, the scary incident occurred at approximately 8:10 a.m. on Friday the 13th.

“A turkey flew into the path of a truck and struck the windshield,” Fifield told Transportation Nation Network (TNN). “The driver was extremely fortunate to escape injury, but there was glass everywhere.”


Images from the scene reveal just how lucky the driver was.

A truck driver was “extremely fortunate” to escape injury on Friday morning after a wild turkey flew into the path of his big rig crushing his windshield, ISP says. (Courtesy of ISP)

Sgt. Fifield says the wild turkey population in Indiana is growing and creating additional danger for motorists and truckers not just in rural areas, but also in urban areas as well.

“We’ve actually had this happen a few times. Not long ago we had a fatality involving a turkey and a truck driver. The driver lost control and crashed after the turkey struck the windshield,” Sgt Fifield recalled.

Incredibly, he says in that instance, “the turkey survived the crash.”


He reminded truckers to always “be aware of your surroundings, especially in wooded areas,” and if an animal does run or fly into the path of your rig, “don’t panic.”

“Try to get your vehicle stopped as quickly as possible,” he advised.

Thankfully, no other vehicle was involved in Friday’s accident.

Photos courtesy ISP – Lowell Post



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