Trucker Faces ‘Unavoidable’ Pedestrian Suicide Attempt

Evans City, Pennsylvania – A trucker was faced with an all-too common ‘unavoidable’ trauma this week when an unidentified 39-year-old man ran in front of his semi in an apparent suicide attempt.

At approximately 8 a.m. last Tuesday morning a Mack truck was traveling northbound on Interstate 79 when a man ran across the road near the Evans City exit, colliding with the tractor trailer on the front left side. The man suffered gruesome injuries according to state trooper Ron Kesten. The truck driver, also unidentified, immediately called police to report the accident. Emergency medical personnel rushed to the scene and made a valiant attempt to save the man’s life. The man was airlifted to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead upon arrival.


Fortunately the trucker had a dash cam and provided the footage to authorities. “The footage clearly showed the truck driver did everything possible to avoid the collision with the pedestrian,” Kesten said. “He was in the slow lane, right hand lane, driving at a safe speed in the lane of travel. The pedestrian ran from the east side of the road directly into his path of travel.”

Footage showed the driver slowed down and swerved to avoid the man, but was unable to do so. “Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to avoid the pedestrian,” Kesten said. The man’s car was also found nearby. Police are still investigating, but it is clear the truck driver did everything he could to avert the senseless death.



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