Trucker Facing Charges After Sand Dump Leads To Death Of ATV Rider

Port Allen, Louisiana – A trucker is facing charges after allegedly illegally dumping sand on a private road off of LA 415 that, authorities say, led to the death of a 61-year-old man.

The body of James D. Major Jr., of Baton Rouge, was discovered at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday on a private road near Cash’s Truck Stop Casino off of Lobdell Highway/LA 415 in Port Allen, according to the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators believe Major was driving an ATV along the road, likely on his way to a nearby Walmart or the truck stop, when he hit a pile of sand approximately two feet high and flipped.


Major died on the scene from injuries sustained in the accident.

Lt. Ken Albarez said two piles of sand were found on the scene and should never have been dumped there.

“This was not something that was accidental,” Albarez told local news outlet WBRZ2.

Lt. Albarez said authorities obtained security surveillance video of the trucker intentionally dumping the sand. 

“It ultimately ended up costing someone their life,” he said.

From the video obtained by authorities, they have identified Roy McWillie Jones, 33, of Kiln, Mississippi, as the truck driver who dumped the sand.


According to Lt. Albarez, Jones admitted to dumping the sand and told authorities it was not the first time he had done so along the same roadway.

Further, Lt. Albarez said Jones will be charged with criminal mischief and having an unsecured load.

Jones has until noon on Wednesday to turn himself in to face the charges.




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