Trucker Found Dead Inside Big Rig, Investigation Ongoing

Brooklawn, NJ – A trucker was discovered dead inside his semi-truck on Sunday after a New Jersey diner owner became concerned and sought to check on him.

Dervis Akturk is the owner of the Empire Diner, located at 297 Crescent Blvd. in Brooklawn, and told local outlet CBS3 Philly the tanker had been parked behind the restaurant since Thursday.


The blue Freightliner hauling a tanker trailer, which belongs to Tampa, FL-based Quality Carriers, sat idling behind the diner all weekend.

“I thought he was just getting rest because sometimes they have to because they cannot be on the road too long,” he explained.

By the time Sunday rolled around, Akturk became concerned and went to check on the driver.

“I was just thinking to myself too, it was Fourth of July weekend, where is he going to deliver? Everything is closed.”


According the Akturk, the truck was on and the air conditioner was running, but nobody answered when he knocked on the windows.

It was then Akturk called authorities.

The Westville Police Department (WPD) responded to the scene and discovered the driver inside, deceased.

Authorities have yet to share the identity of the driver.

No information has been made available regarding the circumstances surrounding the driver’s death.


Additionally, it is not known if foul play is suspected.

WPD and Gloucester County Prosecutor’s office are investigating the incident.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Photo courtesy CBS3 Philly

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  1. Such a sad story…I hope he is driving a heavenly rig now,or a chariot of fire.
    But the kindness of the diner owner,he wasn t concerned with the truck being there,but concerned for the driver’s well being,we need more bussines owners like him in our industry,I don t travel to NJ anymore but it would be a pleasure to meet a kind soul like him.
    May the driver R.I.P. and may The Good Lord bless his family


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