Trucker Found Dead Inside of Big Rig, Investigation Ongoing

Hesperia, CA – A trucker was found dead inside his big rig parked near a gas station in Hesperia in the early evening hours on Saturday.

According to a report from Victor Valley News, a male truck driver was found deceased in his semi-truck at approximately 5 p.m.


The rig was parked in a dirt lot behind a Chevron gas station located in the 12100 block on Main Street.

Investigators with the Hesperia Police Department (HPD) have not yet released the trucker’s identity.

It is also unclear how long the tractor-trailer had been parked there.

However, according to the report, foul play is not suspected.


The truck was identified as owned by Bensenville, IL-based Kordun Express Inc.

According the the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the company operates 190 power units and employs 190 drivers.

This is a developing story and will continue to monitor it for you.



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  1. This is starting to be a trend, drivers should seek medical attention if they’re suffering from signs of covid. Being a tough guy is not a good idea as dying ain’t no way to live!

  2. Nothing I read indicated that it was a COVID-19 death, but it won’t surprise me if any of us hear that it was. It’s even more noteworthy to add that there aren’t any testing or diagnosis standards for any of us CDL drivers, nor any way to get healthier. Infact, if the numbers were high and truck drivers were dropping like flies, mainstream media and society would without any doubt, be jumping with joy.

  3. Truth be. It was a health condition he was fighting. Like high blood pressure or such. Covid kills very little amount of people. And like the flu. You probably will not even think about driving. Cause you get so sick. Take my word for it. No energy. Not able to stay awake no matter what you take.

  4. After DOT change their service hours for truckers this became a trend.
    My brother has been trucking 20 years interstate, 2 million miles, zero accidents. He knew when to rest, when to drive.
    He passed away from a heart attack behind the wheel of his truck in September of 2018. He was worked to death by the inhumane conditions that DOT has created for the truckers. Prior to his passing he has complain a lot that these hour wearing him out.
    I hope the families of these driver will hold DOT responsible.

  5. Thank you so much for the kind words.
    He was an honest man who survived totalitarian regime of Soviet Union. Ever since he was a child he dreamed that one day he’ll come to the Land where he can be free.
    He saved our family during massacare and spent his youth taking care of his Mother and little sister so he never got married.
    For 20 years he got to live his dream.
    For 20 years he was married to the road.
    Unfortunately, this fact I understood after his passing.
    The hardworking American truckers deserve to be treated fairly by the DOT. I pray that one day soon the trucker will have a compassionate advocate that would be able to explain to the DOT how some very restrictive regulations affect truckers health and well being.


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