Trucker Found Deceased at Truck Stop After Company Requests Welfare Check

Porter, IN – A 51-year old trucker was found deceased in the cab of his big rig on Sunday when his company requested a welfare check on him after receiving a call from the trucker that he “wasn’t feeling well.”

According to a release from the Porter Police Department (PPD), Reginald Morgan, of Raleigh, NC, contacted his trucking company around 4 p.m. on Saturday.


The trucking company — which was not identified by authorities — told police Morgan had informed he “had not been feeling well and would be stopping for the night.”

Later in the evening, Morgan’s company stated the trucker reached out again, stating he was feeling “a little better but was going to sleep for the night.”

After not being able to reach him the following day and noticing his GPS coordinates had not changed, the company contacted local authorities for a welfare check.

PPD found the semi-truck in the parking lot of the TravelCenters of America truck stop, located at 1600 W. U.S. 20. in Porter, just off of Interstate 94 at exit 22B.


Police knocked on Morgan’s door around 8:40 a.m. and did not receive a response.

Further, Morgan did not answer a page inside the truck stop.

It was then that responding officers climbed onto the cab of the semi to see if they could see inside.


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At that time, PPD officers noticed what appeared to be a leg in the bunk area.

Determining it to be the best course of action, officials broke a window in order to enter the truck.


Sadly, Morgan was located in the bunk, deceased.

The Porter County Coroner’s Office (PCCO) said the cause of death appears natural.

An autopsy has been conducted and reports are pending, according to PCCO.



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