Trucker Found Guilty of Kidnapping and Sexually Assaulting Woman in His Truck

Akron, OH – A federal jury in Akron convicted a South Carolina trucker of kidnapping after he sexually assaulted a woman and held her against her will.

According to court documents and trial testimony, truck driver Anthony Ingram, 32, was in Michigan when he lured the female victim into his commercial semi-truck by offering her a ride to Indiana.

Ingram instead began driving the woman in the opposite direction toward Maryland.

When the woman discovered that Ingram was not taking her to Indiana, Ingram promised the woman he would take her to Indiana after delivering a shipment of goods to Maryland.


Ingram then pulled his semi-truck off to the side of the turnpike in Hudson, OH, and sexually assaulted her while threatening her with a weapon, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Ohio.

The woman convinced Ingram to stop at a truck stop in Lima, OH where she escaped from Ingram and called 9-1-1 from a restaurant.

Beaver Township police officers responded to the scene and Ingram fled in his semi-truck.

GPS records showed that Ingram stopped 15 miles down the road.

FBI and Ohio State Highway investigators eventually found the woman’s clothing and cell phone discarded next to the turnpike at the location where Ingram stopped.


“This case is an example of law enforcement working together to hold accountable a defendant who lured a woman with lies and then assaulted her and held her against her will,” U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman said following the verdict. “This man is looking at decades in prison, which is exactly where he belongs.”

Ingram is scheduled to be sentenced February 27, 2020.

Photo courtesy of McCracken County Jail



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