Trucker Found With $2 Million in Cash Admits Guilt in Historic Cocaine Trafficking Bust

Halifax County, NC – A trucker pleaded guilty last week in U.S. District Court to one count of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute stemming from an historic drug bust in Halifax County.

According to court records from U.S. District Court for the North Carolina Eastern District, truck driver Andrew Richard Rodarte admitted to trafficking 80 kilos of cocaine with an estimated street value of $2.8 million.

Rodarte, along with his alleged accomplice, Luis Enrrique Arroyo-Jimenez, are both charged in what authorities in Halifax County say is the largest drug seizure in the county’s history.


According to court documents, members of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) conducted an investigation of Rodarte and Arroyo-Jimenez in July of this year.

As part of that operation, investigators observed a mobile home in the 9000 block of Aurelian Springs Road in the Littleton area.

During the operation, a semi-truck driven by Rodarte arrived at the residence.

Investigators say they observed several individuals exit the residence and approach the truck.

The individuals then accessed the sleeper compartment of the vehicle and unloaded several large duffel bags which were taken inside the home.


Rodarte then departed the residence and was questioned by authorities a short time later at a truck stop on Highway 903 outside Halifax, court documents say.

Authorities say Rodarte gave inconsistent and untruthful answers regarding his prior whereabouts.

He denied having been at the residence on Aurelian Springs Road, a short time earlier, investigators say.

Authorities obtained a warrant to search the residence.


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Upon executing that warrant, authorities located the duffel bags inside the home.

“Upon entry of the home investigators located Arroyo-Jiminez as well as an adult female and three juveniles. Inside a bedroom closet, investigators found four large duffel bags. These bags were consistent with those previously observed being unloaded from Rodarte’s vehicle,” the criminal complaint says.


Inside each bag were approximately 20 kilograms of cocaine for a total of 80 kilos (approximately 160 pounds).

The substances were later field tested and the results were positive for cocaine.

A subsequent search of Rodarte’s semi-truck resulted in the discovery of $2 million in cash

According to court documents, Rodarte admitted to transporting the seized cocaine and said he had made at least five similar trips to other locations.

Arroyo-Jimenez has not yet entered a plea in the case.

Rodarte is expected to be sentenced later this year.



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