Trucker Gets a Face Full of Glass When Sheet of Snow Shatters Windshield

Mansfield Township, NJ – A trucker got a face full of glass this week when a sheet of snow fell from the roof a tractor-trailer traveling alongside him on the New Jersey Turnpike.

The incident occurred on Wednesday near Exit 6 in Mansfield Township.


Truck driver Noah Williams told local news outlet ABC 6 he thought he was going to die when a sheet of snow and ice crashed into his rig’s windshield.

“It smacks my truck, smacks the windshield,” Williams said. “I had a bunch of glass fly into my face. I almost lost control.”

He unsuccessfully attempted to flag down the driver of the other truck, but says he was thankfully able to safely bring his rig to a stop along the roadway without further incident.

Williams filed a report with the New Jersey State Police and urged all drivers to make sure to take the time to remove snow from their rig.


As a nor’easter blew across much of the northeast this week, transportation officials in multiple states used traffic signs to remind drivers of the importance of removing snow from their vehicles.

As for Williams, he said he hoped that by sharing his experience it would encourage others to be more aware.

“Most people don’t care. Everybody’s in a rush to get to where they need to get to,” he commented.

WATCH more from Williams below courtesy of ABC 6.



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