Trucker Gives Firsthand Account of Horrific 133-Vehicle Pileup in Now Viral Video

Fort Worth, TX – In a now viral video, a Texas trucker took to social media on Thursday to describe the horrific scene he witnessed along a Fort Worth interstate that morning.

In a Facebook LIVE posted at 7:27 a.m., truck driver Ryan Chaney gave his account of what he saw and did during the tragic 133-vehicle pileup that resulted in the deaths of six people.


The deadly events unfolded just after 6 a.m. in the southbound toll lanes – known as TEXPress lanes – along I-35W.

Chaney said he was driving on his normal route to work when all hell broke loose.

“The road was a solid sheet of ice,” Chaney told his followers. “Before I know it, I start hearing sliding. Two cars led to four cars, four cars led to ten cars, ten cars led to forty cars, forty cars led to eighty cars, and before I know [it] I am sitting there witnessing a genocide of metal.”

In a follow up video Chaney offered further detail about his initial crash.

He explained that a female motorist in front of him “hit the rail” before he swerved to avoid crashing into her.

“The side of my truck hit her car then I stopped a little farther up and passed her and then it all began,” he said. “It was a group of cars then a group of semis, a group of cars, then a group of semis.”


Fortunately for Chaney, he was uninjured and able to exit his vehicle to assist others.

He said shortly after exiting he heard a scream from a woman in a “small Lexus SUV smashed between two semi-trucks.”

Chaney stated he hurt his hand punching out the driver’s side window but was able to safely “pull her out” before looking for others to help.

“I pulled two truckers out and then a grain hopper hit and exploded and pushed a truck in front of me into the trailer I was standing between me and a car. I slid underneath the trailer.”

Then Chaney began to tear up as he explained what happened next.

“That lady in that little car died, but I did what I could,” he said.


At a press briefing late Thursday afternoon, Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis said the crash site covered more than a half mile and posed significant challenges to the massive emergency response team.

In all, six people have been confirmed dead and 65 people have, so far, sought and received medical treatment from injuries resulting from the crash.


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While the total number of big rigs involved has not yet been disclosed, video from the scene indicates more than a dozen tractor-trailers in the mangled wreckage.


As for Chaney, he urged people not to share any photos or videos for the sake of the families who lost loved ones.

“Quit posting pictures and videos of the accident,” he implored. “Nobody needs to see that.”

Stay logged on to for the latest on the investigation into this terrible incident.

WATCH Chaney’s viral video below.



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