Trucker Hauling Load More Than 90,000 Pounds Overweight Hit With Massive Fine

Rushville, IN – A trucker was hit with a massive citation on Thursday morning after it was discovered the tractor-trailer he was driving was more than 90,000 pounds overweight.

Indiana State Police (ISP) say a truck inspection this morning by the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED) led to the discovery of a semi-tractor pulling double trailers that was 96,300 pounds overweight.

CVED Trooper Eric Thumb was driving through Rushville just before 11 a.m. on Thursday when he noticed a southbound semi pulling double trailers, known as a “Michigan Train,” south bound on Main St. at Park Blvd.


Thumb says he knew that the trailer set up is often used to haul overweight loads, with special overweight permits, across northern Indiana.

However, Trooper Thumb initiated a stop of the truck and performed an inspection.

The truck’s driver, Gene Maag, age 36 of Waterloo, IN, was driving with no registration plate and no federally required company markings or federal tax numbers on the side of the vehicle, ISP says.

As part of his vehicle inspection, Trooper Thumb weighed the truck and its steel coil cargo, discovering a combined weight of 176,300 pounds, or 96,300 pounds over the maximum allowable weight, without a special permit.

The maximum allowable weight for a commercial motor vehicle in Indiana, without a special permit, is 80,000 pounds.

The fines for the overweight violation alone are just under $14,000.


The truck, a 2000 Peterbilt, which belongs to Tri-State Trucking out of Waterloo, IN, was impounded and the driver cited for the overweight violation and no truck registration.

The driver was also issued a warning for no federally required markings or numbers on the sides of the truck.

Further, ISP says the steel coils, which had been in route from Butler to Madison, IN were impounded with the truck until they can be properly unloaded and legally loaded onto other trucks.

Photo courtesy of ISP



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