Trucker Hit With Massive Fine for Rig More Than 130,000 lbs. Overweight

Corman Park, Saskatchewan – Canadian authorities recently shared an incident in which a trucker was hit with a massive fine for an overweight violation.

According to Corman Park Police (CPP), the incident occurred at a weigh scale along Highway 16 in Corman Park, just south of Saskatoon.


CPP says that during the course of inspecting a tractor hauling an extended flatbed trailer loaded with heavy machinery, it was determined the rig weighed 114,050 kilograms (more than 251,000 lbs.).

The maximum allowable weight is 53,500 kilograms (approximately 117,947 lbs.) making the load more than 130,000 lbs. overweight without the proper permits.

Unfortunately for the trucker, who authorities did not identified, he did not have the “proper permits,” according to CPP.

The trucker was hit with a fine of C$25,361, which is the equivalent of US$18,904.


Just last month, authorities in Indiana issued a huge fine to a trucker after it was discovered the tractor-trailer he was driving was more than 90,000 lbs. overweight.

Making matters worse, the truck’s driver, Gene Maag, 36, of Waterloo, IN, was driving with no registration plate and no federally required company markings or federal tax numbers on the side of the vehicle, Indiana State Police said.

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