Trucker Hit With Slew of Violations For Making “Wrong Choice” on Overlength Load

Dryden, ON – Canadian authorities took to social media on Tuesday to call out a trucker for recently hauling a load that was not permitted… and that’s an understatement.

According to a post from Ontario Provincial Police’s (OPP) North West Region, the incident took place over the weekend near Dryden, ON.


“Safety is a choice you make and this was the wrong choice,” OPP wrote with a corresponding photo.

The photo reveals a tractor-trailer hauling two dump trucks — one of which is significantly hanging off the back of the trailer.

Along with the obvious infractions of overlength and an insecure load, OPP said the driver also lacked a permit.

Making matters even worse for the trucker, there were also “log book violations,” authorities said.


OPP did not reveal the identity of the trucker or the trucking company involved.

The driver was, however, immediately placed out-of-service (OOS).

While most posts on social media generate comments from both sides of an argument, commenters on OPP’s Facebook post almost unanimously expressed shock over what the photo depicted.

“Great job OPP,” Mark Williams lauded. “I am a truck driver and do deck work and heavy haul. Guys like this should have the book thrown at them. Makes people like me, that wait days to get permits, pissed off.”


“As a retired truck driver/owner, I am shocked!” Dorothy Sanderson wrote. “The company needs a ‘wake up call’ or at the very least, re-education on load securement AND supplying the proper trailer for the job, or shut down until they comply.”

“This just blows mind that anyone would think they were going to get away with this,” said Jeff Schwartz. “We’ve pulled some sketchy stuff off highway in years gone by but for the most part guys don’t even do much of that anymore.”

See OPP’s original post below.


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