Trucker In Mississippi Standoff Identified, Facing Slew Of Felony Charges

Jackson County, Mississippi – The truck driver at the center of an almost 5-hour standoff with police on Wednesday along I-10 has been identified and charged with numerous crimes according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Troy Mack, 33, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was taken into custody shortly after 1 p.m. on Wednesday after a standoff with police. However, the incident began at approximately 9 a.m. when Mack, a truck driver employed by Murray, Kentucky-based Paschall Truck Lines, ran an ambulance off the road while traveling in Alabama.

Alabama authorities began pursuing Mack as he fled and continued on crossing into Mississippi. Witnesses say Mack then sideswiped an 18-wheeler near the Pascagoula River Bridge.

Dash cam video from truck driver Paul Brown shows Mack attempting to run numerous vehicles into the median as they attempt to pass him.



Jackson County officers joined in the pursuit of Mack and at one point Mack pulled over. According to authorities he exited his truck and police saw a machete inside. “We knew that he had a machete because when he got into his vehicle after he was first contacted by law enforcement, it was seen,” said Chase Elkins with the Mississippi Highway Patrol .

“He never threatened us with it or threatened to do harm to himself or us. He just had it in the truck, and we didn’t know what his intentions were. We didn’t know what else he had in the vehicle. The unknown was what caused us to use so much caution,” Elkins said.

Authorities then say Mack quickly got back into the truck and sped away. The chase continued finally coming to an end at mile marker 61 just east of the Gautier-Vancleave Road exit.


Gautier police deployed stop sticks, but the attempt was unsuccessful. However, police were able to shoot out two tires which officials say was enough to disable the big rig from continuing to travel.

Authorities also worked to block off exits from Moss Point to Ocean Springs, stopping any other traffic from coming through the area. “The 18-wheeler came in contact with three other vehicles on his way between Alabama and the area the pursuit ended,” Elkins confirmed.
Mack then barricaded himself inside his truck. Police communicated with him by phone trying to coax him out for hours. Authorities say they grew concerned when Mack was no longer willing to talk, so they decided to move in.



After more than four hours, officers deployed smoke and tear gas canisters in the cab of the truck and were successfully able to apprehend Mack. Thankfully, no one was hurt during the ordeal.

Once Mack was taken into custody, Elkins said Mack was cooperative. “He was very compliant. He listened to every command we gave him once we are able to receive contact with him face-to-face. He was very cooperative with the commands law enforcement gave him,” Elkins said.



Mack, who is currently being held in the Jackson County Adult Detention Center, has been charged with driving under the influence, felony pursuit and two counts of aggravated assault.

In addition to those felony charges, he is also facing multiple misdemeanor charges, including: resisting arrest, obstructing traffic, disturbing the peace, reckless driving, littering, and two counts of disorderly conduct. Officials in Alabama are also expected to charge Mack with a host of offenses.

Authorities say they are not yet clear on what motivated Mack to do what he did. Transportation Nation Network will continue to follow the story.

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