Trucker Involved In Road Rage Shooting After Cutting Off Motorist Along I-240

Memphis, Tennessee – A truck driver was involved in a road rage shooting Thursday morning along I-240 in Memphis, according to local officials.

At approximately 7 a.m. Thursday morning, Memphis police say a truck driver called 9-1-1 to report a road rage shooting directed at him. According to the incident report the truck driver, whose identity was not disclosed, admitted to cutting off a motorist driving a blue Chevy Tahoe on I-240.

Officials say the truck driver reported the Tahoe then drove around to the front of the tractor-trailer and began brake checking him. The truck driver then says he began pointing his finger and gesturing at the Tahoe. That’s when police say the motorist became a gunman and began firing multiple shots out of his window.


The big rig was not struck by a bullet and no one was injured in the altercation. Police say they are searching for the gunman and have a person of interest they intend to find and question.

The truck driver continued on along I-55 on his way out of Tennessee and did not speak to police after his initial call to 9-1-1.

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