Trucker Killed After Motorist Cuts Him Off Then Flees Scene, Witnesses Say

Forest Park, GA – Witnesses to a fatal crash involving a semi-truck near Atlanta on Sunday say the truck driver sacrificed himself to avoid hitting a motorist that cut him off.

The accident happened around 12:30 p.m. on August 4 on Jonesboro Road in Forest Park.

Multiple witnesses told Forest Park Police (FPP) the semi-truck was cut off by a car moments before the accident.

Instead of hitting the car, the trucker chose to hit his brakes, causing the truck to overturn.


“The trucker didn’t want to hit him, so he slammed on his brakes, and there it went, down, and now the man’s dead,” one witness told 11Alive.

Investigators say the big rig traveled over an embankment and into a shopping center.

The truck driver died from head trauma as a result of the accident, officials said.

Family of 47-year-old Antonio Smith of Georgia say their loved one was the driver of the rig.

Smith’s sister, Latwanda Langdon, tearfully spoke with CBS46, saying her brother died doing what he loved: trucking.

“He would do anything for anybody and he loved driving his truck,” Langdon told the local media outlet. “So he left here doing what he loved to do.”

Multiple witnesses also report the driver of the car who cut off Smith’s semi did not stop after the accident.

“I don’t know if they got scared or what, but they kept going,” Langdon said, after witnesses told her what they saw.


FPP has not officially confirmed the cause of the accident and say the investigation is ongoing.

CBS46 reports FPP is trying to obtain multiple surveillance videos from around the crash site to verify what witnesses tell them.

“I hope they go after them people who put their brakes on, and I hope they get charged for [the driver’s] life,” the same witness told 11Alive.

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Langdon told CBS46 her brother was en route to deliver in Miami.

Authorities and clean-up crews remained on scene for more than 11 hours after the accident, cleaning up and removing 44,000 lbs. of bacon the semi was hauling.


“He was a wonderful person,” Langdon said of her brother. “Truly loved by his family and all his friends, even the company he worked for. He will be missed.”

Transportation Nation Network will continue to update this story as more details become available.

WATCH more from the scene below courtesy of 11Alive/YouTube.




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