Trucker Leads Indiana State Police On 20-Mile Chase

Jasper County, Indiana – Truck driver William E. Tumey, 38, of Martinsville, Indiana, did not have a good day yesterday, but it was of his own choosing. According to the Indiana State Police (ISP), Mr. Tumey led officers on a 20-mile pursuit along I-65 in northwest Indiana.

The chase began just before 11 a.m. near the Lowel exit, after the Indiana State Police Dispatch Center received a call from a concerned motorist alleging that a semi-truck was driving recklessly in the south bound lanes at about the 240 mile marker. It was not long before another report was received that the truck, now at the 224 mile marker, was driving dangerously. A trooper was dispatched and watched the bobtailing-semi near the 218 mile marker as it drove off the right side of the interstate.


The trooper had seen enough and immediately pulled behind the truck and engaged its lights and siren. The truck continued to weave across the lanes and didn’t show any interest in slowing down from its 62-65 miles-per-hour speed. According to ISP, another trooper drove in front of the truck shortly after the encounter with the first trooper. The trooper began pointing out the window and signaling to Mr. Tumey to immediately pull over.

Mr. Tumey did not follow the trooper’s instruction. In fact, the situation escalated quickly from there when a few miles later that same trooper deployed a spike strip, but Mr. Tumey was able to successfully avoid impact. Mr. Tumey could not, however, manage to avoid a second spike strip a third trooper had waiting on him at the 203 mile marker.

Courtesy of Indiana State Police

The truck finally came to a stop at mile marker 198 after one of the front tires blew. Mr. Tumey was then arrested and has since been charged with multiple traffic violations and Resisting Law Enforcement With Vehicle, which is a Level 6 Felony.

Mr. Tumey was incarcerated at the Jasper County Jail, but not before he was taken to Franciscan Hospital in Rensselaer, Indiana, for a full toxicology blood draw. Officers have not yet released any results from the report.

Transportation Nation Network will continue to follow this story and hope to get some information that could shed light on why Mr. Tumey was driving recklessly and chose to attempt to evade officers.

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