Trucker Left Dangling Over Retaining Wall After Jackknifing in Winter Storm

Little Rock, AR — One trucker is lucky to be alive much less uninjured following a scary incident on Thursday in the midst of winter weather in Arkansas.

Startling images of a semi-truck cab hanging off of the Interstate 530 interchange in Little Rock began circulating on social media Thursday afternoon.


This week’s major winter storm, which impacted many areas of the country, brought freezing rain and sleet to central Arkansas beginning early Thursday morning, which led to the incident on the south terminal interchange.

According to the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) and Arkansas State Police (ASP), the truck lost traction, jackknifed and slid across the roadway.

The truck then crashed into the retaining wall and came to rest with the tractor’s front wheels hanging over the side.


Oil and diesel leaked from the vehicle as a result of the crash.

Kassidy Bowden, co-owner of Lucky’s Towing and Recovery, confirmed the company was able to remove the tractor-trailer safely and tow it back to its impound lot.

Bowden stated the trucker was “a little shaken up but … okay!”

Officials did not release the name of the driver or his/her company.

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