Trucker Lends Semi to Pro Footballer… What Happened Next Broke the Internet

Manassas, VA – A professional football player recently posted a video on social media of what happened after he was challenged to pull a semi-truck, and you have to see it to believe it.

Rodney “Lucky” Whitehead currently plays for the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) 2019 Grey Cup champion, Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

After coming out of college, where he played at Florida Atlantic University, Lucky had a two-year stint in the National Football League with America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, and one year with the New York Jets.


However, a series of off the field incidents and injuries took their toll on the talented wide receiver and kickoff returner.

After losing and then regaining his passion for football, Lucky was offered a contract with the Blue Bombers last year.

He responded by rewarding the team with a breakout season in 2019.

Which brings us to a recent video he posted on Instagram that has many people talking.

As part of Lucky’s training regimen, he often pushes and pulls sleds.

Anyone who has ever played competitive football knows these drills all-too-well.

“I drive a Ford Raptor, so after one of the workouts I pulled my truck,” Lucky told Transportation Nation Network (TNN). “I put it on Instagram and the CFL Instagram page had got the snippet, posted it, and put it on Twitter, so I just re-tweeted.”


However, it wasn’t long before the 5’10” and 180 lb. wide receiver was challenged to pull something a bit bigger and quite heavier.

“Someone came into the thread with a box truck and was like, ‘That’s nothing, here’s this box truck!’ So, I was like ‘okay.'”

It’s one thing for a more than 300-lb. lineman to accomplish such a feat, but it’s quite another for someone of Lucky’s stature to “pull” it off (pun intended).

He reached out to his trainer to ask how difficult it would be.

“It would be a challenge, but it’s not impossible,” Lucky says his trainer told him.

So, he put the call out to his friends on social media to see if anyone could help him find a semi to pull.

Lucky’s mom even began making calls to find someone who might be able to help.


It led them to Robert Sturgeon.

Sturgeon is the owner of RCS Trucking & Freight Inc. in Bealeton.

He is also involved in a local youth football organization and has supported Lucky’s football camps in the past.

Sturgeon tells TNN he was glad to help and provided a 2007 Western Star 4900 the next day.

In fact, Sturgeon brought his 13-year-old son, RC, along for the occasion.

“I wasn’t sure he could pull it, but Lucky is a different animal,” Sturgeon said. “He works out every damn day.”

“When they pulled up I told my trainer, ‘Damn, that semi looks a little bigger than I expected!’ He was like, ‘Yeah, don’t let that get into your head. You gotta do it now,’” Lucky recalled.

Before attempting to pull the 22,000-lb. beast, Lucky first tried to push it.

“I got behind the semi and started pushing just a little bit just to see if it moved, and it started moving, and I was like “Ooh! Give me the harness, let’s go!”


Once he was harnessed in then came the moment of truth.

“I was positive self-talking and my trainer was hyping me up, giving me words of encouragement and I started digging.”

Dig he did, pulling with every ounce of force he could muster.

“At first I was like, ‘I’m not losing grip, but I don’t know if I’m moving it yet.'”

Lucky says he knew something good was happening when he heard an onlooker react.

“There was a lady and I heard her make a little screech and in my head I said, ‘She must have seen that wheel start moving.’ So, I got a little lower and I just started really, really digging and that’s when I finally started moving the semi and I caught a rhythm finally and marched it out,” he said.

Sturgeon says he had a front row seat for the whole thing.

“I was actually behind-the-wheel in the driver’s seat,” he commented.


Lucky attributes the feat to hard work, encouragement from his trainer, and good old fashioned “will power.”

He posted the video to social media and it immediately blew up.

Lucky tells TNN he hopes to one day get another shot at the NFL, but is taking his career one day at a time and has one year left on his CFL contract.

If his most recent display of determination is any indication, we’re betting we haven’t seen the last of Lucky on an NFL field.

WATCH the video below.


Photos courtesy Lucky Whitehead and Robert Sturgeon


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  1. He not even world’s strongest man competition big either. Pretty impressive. Tractor atleast weighs 15k, maybe 20 considering stretched frame, fuel, driver


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