Trucker Loses Brakes Then Makes “Truly Amazing” Decision

Frankfort, New York – A trucker is being called a “hero” after witnesses and authorities say he may very well have saved lives on Thursday in Frankfurt, New York.

According to authorities, a truck driver was operating along a downhill grade on Cemetery Street at approximately 12:00 p.m. as he was reportedly attempting to manage what was described as mechanical and brake problems with his semi-truck.

John Weir is a mechanic for the Frankfurt Highway Department and witnessed the scene.

Weir told local news outlet, WKTV, “He (truck driver) was going very fast. I seen the brakes smoking. Then I seen the cab door fly open. I said ‘he’s gonna jump.'”


The trucker, fearing his runaway semi could harm someone, including himself, had to make a quick decision. That’s exactly what he did.

Apparently not believing the braking system could bring the semi to a stop, the driver made what Weir called a “truly amazing” move.

A trucker is being called a “hero” after he was able to successfully navigate a runaway semi away from harming anyone. (Courtesy of Ashley Shufelt)

The trucker was able to steer the truck down the hill and into a nearby wooded area, all while avoiding striking anyone or smashing into any homes close by.

“The guy was able to jump out of the vehicle and make himself land on the grass, and jerk the wheel so the tractor-trailer went across the road and down into the woods… it didn’t hurt or kill or injure anybody, including himself,” Weir recounted to WKTV.

The semi-truck came to rest in the backyard of a home on the corner of West Main and Cemetery streets, officials said.


The truck driver was not seriously injured. In fact, Weir said the driver was up and talking to him within seconds of jumping out of the rig.

He credits the trucker’s quick-thinking with surely having saved people from harm.

“The guy’s a hero,” Weir exclaimed. “He could not have done that any better!”

(Images courtesy of Ashley Shufelt)




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